Lindsey Stanley

writer & illustrator

Lindsey Stanley is an author and illustrator who is passionate about helping others find peace outside of circumstance in a visually captivating way.  She enjoys writing about subjects related to her own experiences  navigating through hardships and traumatic experiences from a very young age.  Lindsey is celebrated for her sunny disposition and sincerely believes that any experience - sour or sweet - is a blessing.  


Lindsey's book series, The Autobiography of a Lemon, launched in Spring 2020 and transforms sour emotions and experiences into sweet opportunities to rise and shine.  The first book of the series, Loli Climbs the Mountain of Doom, is available and additional stories are on the way - stay tuned!  Lindsey also enjoys writing poetry and is a published poet.  Her poem, "Path to Peace" was selected by a national panel to be published in  the 2017 Building Bridges - Making Peace anthology of Art of Peace by InSpiritry. 


When Lindsey is not working on new projects and publications, she enjoys pouring love into her emotional support organization, The Sunshine Shack, and exploring various forms of creative expression as an artist.  She also has more than 14 years of experience in non-profit management and proudly serves as an Ambassador for a spectrum of grassroots organizations and national non-profit organizations.  Lindsey is an advocate for all individuals living with various emotional and mental health conditions and specifically allocates much time and effort to researching and understanding the many moving faucets of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


A percentage of each book sold supports The Sunshine Shack's mission to serve all individuals in need  and to provide outreach to homeless children, teens,  adults, and seniors.  Learn more here