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Lindsey Stanley.........................  


Lindsey Stanley is a business development professional dedicated to helping others transform their dreams into reality.

Lindsey has worked with a spectrum of clients from innovative grassroots organizations to a variety of top Fortune 100 and 500 companies.  She offers more than thirteen years of professional experience in creative strategies, sales, and non-profit management. 

Lindsey's love for business and philanthropy allow her to contribute to a variety of missions and serve as an Ambassador when she is not writing or getting lost in nature. She also enjoys working on creative strategies and pouring love into her emotional support foundation, The Sunshine Shack.  

Lindsey enjoys being involved with organizations and companies that extend peace throughout the world that believe in creating a harmonious and sustainable environment for all. 

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"I am excited to work with individuals who are dedicated to exploring new ideas and avenues to achieve optimal success with both personal and professional goals. All ideas are great ideas and the sky truly is the limit when you are driven by passion in purpose." 


                                 - Lindsey Stanley